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“That moment,” she told Cath, “when you realize that a guy’s looking at you differently - that you’re taking up more space in his field of vision. That moment when you know he can’t see past you anymore.
— FANGIRL, Rainbow Rowell
Okay. I just finished the book the other day and as usual, it didn’t disappoint. Cath is such a relatable character. Also, Levi. Levi. Levi. Need I say more?
Here’s a drawing I did last night - Cath reading her fan fic to Levi. 😊♥


Let’s close our eyes and save the truth for one more night, that the nights were manily made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day… 


You’re a Disney princess who is just currently in the sad part of her feature film. It’s going to be okay. 

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people who  needlessly start drama


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